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Welcome to the web site for our organization of avocational and professional archaeologists. On this web site you will find information about some of our many and varied projects and information on how to become an active participant in archaeology.

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Swat membership is open to all adults and children with an interest in archaeology.  Previous knowledge and/or experience is not necessary.

A group of professional and avocational archaeologist began working together in 1979. In 1986 the group incorporated to become the Southwest Archaeology Team (SWAT).

The Southwest Archaeology Team was established to utilize the capabilities of both professional and avocational archaeologists to excavate at archaeological sites in danger of being destroyed.  Since 1986 our membership has grown to include many people who are dedicated to the preservation and conservation of our cultural heritage.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for the public to investigate and experience first-hand the prehistoric and historic past of the Southwest.  By fulfilling this goal, the Southwest Archaeology Team is helping to preserve and protect the past for our future.  Our projects and programs include both lectures and hands-on experiences for adults and children. These programs include archaeological excavation, stabilization, survey, and artifact analysis.

The Southwest Archaeology Team continues to expand both the scope and location of its projects.  By introducing new projects and continuing existing ones, we help our members to expand their skills and experience a variety of archaeological situations.  SWAT volunteers donate over 3000 hours to archaeological projects each year.

The Southwest Archaeology Team is affiliated with the Arizona Museum of Natural History in Mesa, Arizona.  Members receive many museum membership benefits.  Our state-of-the-art laboratory is located at the museum and many members aid in museum functions.   SWAT is also an affiliate organization of Pueblo Grande Museum and Cultural Park in Phoenix.

Annual membership fees are $10.00 for students, $15.00 for individuals, and $20.00 for families.   Members receive our newsletter 'Ancient Echoes' four times a year.   General membership meetings are held four times a year.


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