Some early photos of the Verdugo buildings made by Bert Strobl.

Verduo school house and stage stop

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berts01 ss sign.JPG
Hisorical Site Sign
berts02 ss front.JPG
Stage stop front
berts02 ss tree.JPG
Stage stop tree
berts03 sh front.JPG
School house front
berts04 sh clouds.JPG
School house
berts04 ss rear.JPG
Stage stop rear
berts05 sh walltop.JPG
School house wall
berts12 rear door.jpg
Stage stop rear door
berts14 sh bdoor.JPG
School house door
berts16 sh walltop2.JPG
School wall detail
berts18 ss ktchn door.JPG
Stage kitchen door
berts22 ss reardoor.JPG
Stage stop rear door
berts ss aerial.JPG
Bert's aerial
berts29 corral sunset.JPG
Bert's corral sunset