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  Pueblo Grande Platform Mound  Sirrine House Restoration in Mesa
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Laboratory Artifact Analysis Mesa Grande Platform Mound
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Pueblo Grande Platform Mound

Pueblo Grande is a Classic Period Hohokam site located at Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. The 'PGM MUDSLINGERS', an independent and dirt savvy group, have since 1994 been working on stabilization and reconstruction of the platform mound and adjacent room structures. Monitoring these architectural features for erosion damage is an on-going task.

 For more information contact PGM project leader.

Sirrine House Restoration

Built in 1896 by Mesa pioneer Joel Sirrine for his new bride Caroline Simkins, the Sirrine House was restored by the Az Museum of Natural History staff and volunteers from the Southwest Archaeology Team and Mesa Historical Society.  The restored home was opened to the public in 1986 as a satellite facility of the AzMNH.  One of the oldest homes remaining in Mesa's original square mile, the house is a distinctive example of the "Victorian Cottage" architectural style of the  turn-of-the-century.  The property was placed  on the National Register of Historic Places on September 11,1995.  The Sirrine House is located  at 160 N. Center Street, in Mesa, Arizona.

The Southwest Archaeology Team became involved in the on-going maintenance of the house in 1994, when deterioration of the original lime mortar was observed.  Since that time, members have painstakingly removed the damaged mortar, and re-pointed the historic brick with new lime mortar as well as replacing bricks that had begun to deteriorate. We also removed the historically incorrect back porch. Future plans include repairing the basal erosion and re-pointing the the adobe carriage house.  

For more information on this project, please contact Sirrine Project Leader

Mesa Grande Platform Mound

Mesa Grande is a large Hohokam ceremonial platform mound located in Mesa Arizona.

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