Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa – The Tiktok Star Who Got Depressed after Botched Surgery (2024)

Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa is a Mexican-American social media influencer, model, and entrepreneur. The 24-year-old beauty is a TikTok star with millions of followers on social media.


Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa has become very popular, with the social media influencer amassing over 30 million followers on her social media accounts combined and counting.

Her TikTok account has the most followers; the influencer had already amassed over 16 million followers at the time of publication. Jailyne Ojeda's followers on Instagram already bulge at 14 million followers at the time of publication and counting.


At the time of publication, Jailyne Ojeda had already amassed over 280 000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. So, here's what we know about TikTok star Jailyne Ojeda's private life, family, and past.

Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa was born in Indio, California, on January 9, 1998. Her star sign is Capricorn, and she was raised in Phoenix, Arizona, where her sister and brother were born.


The social media influencer's parents are from Ruiz Cortines, Sinaloa, Mexico. She bought her family a six-room mansion with two living rooms and a swimming pool thanks to her job. Her family currently lives there now.

Jailyne has quite a close-knit family. Her parents have been together for decades, 25 years to be exact, after tying the knot in February 1997. Her father's name is Ismael Ojeda, and he worked in construction.


The model's mother is Dulce Ochoa, and she has two younger siblings. Jailyne's younger sister is Alexia, who is 21 years old. Jailyne's youngest sibling is her brother Johnny. The influencer shared a touching video on TikTok surprising her father with a new truck.

Jailyne graduated from high school and was one of the top students. She went to Betty H. Fairfax high school and was an excellent student since she was little.

The 24-year-old got the highest AIMS (Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards), participated in MAC-Ro, the Match-Achievement Club by Rodel, and was featured in the paper for it. She was so brilliant in school that they called her a future engineer.

Jailyne loves to read and even won an award in school as "best reader." According to the 24-year-old social media influencer, literature has always been her thing.

Her favorite author is Paulo Coelho; she has his whole collection of books. The influencer also loves the book "The Secret," which she says "has helped manifest a lot of things into her life."


The TikTok star also furthered her education in college. According to her Facebook page, she attended Phoenix College. Jailyne Ojeda also loves traveling and shares her different trips on her travel Instagram account.

She's so well-traveled that she has been to 26 countries, with Bali being her favorite. She liked visiting Bali so much because she said no one stares or judges people there, unlike other countries she's visited. When Ojeda was a teenager, she also participated in beauty pageants. The influencer was named First Princess and "Most Popular" in 2013.


Jailyne Had to Face Bullying at a Very Early Age

Jailyne Ojeda opened up about her life growing up and the bullying she faced by sharing a video on her YouTube channel in early 2020. She revealed in the video that she started developing faster than other girls at age 10.

She stuck out among other girls in school because her body grew so fast, and she was also very tall. She said she looked like a giant next to them, leading to the bullying. Jailyne said they all called her "giraffe."

The influencer further expressed she had the most problems with fifth-grade girls who hated her out of jealousy. She said they did terrible things to her, from pushing her in the hallways to pulling her hair. The girls in her school were very competitive, and she was a loner and a nerd, which didn't help.


The bullying got worse in middle school, and she tried not to be noticed. She wanted to be accepted by other girls and have friends. She prayed that no one would notice her in middle school so she wouldn't have more haters.

However, on her first day of school, a teacher singled her out in her last class and said she must stay behind after school. The teacher told her that she would have to wear a baggy uniform if she wanted to be in class because Jailyne looked different from the other girls.

So to avoid being distracted, she couldn't wear a regular uniform like other girls, so she was forced to wear a loose shirt and baggy pants. She said the girls in her class would only pretend to be nice to her if they wanted something and then would forget about her.

Jailyne eventually started eating her lunch in the restroom because if she ate in the cafeteria or where all the kids hung out, she would get into a fight, and she didn't like that.

Even though Jailyne constantly told her parents that she wanted to go to a different school, they always refused and didn't believe her when she told them everything happening in school.

After a big fight where some girls jumped her and got severely injured, her parents finally moved her to another school. Jailyn shared how she learned to deal with haters. She "pretends they don't exist and doesn't feed into their hate."


Jailyne Ojeda's Rise to Fame

Jailyne knew she wanted to be a model when she grew up from the time she was little. Her other dream was to get her parents out of their house and buy them a mansion. She made another dream come true when she got to retire her father from his job.

She started working at 13 and got jobs at 14 places, from a sushi restaurant to a clothing store, to help her parents. Jailyne also advertised clubs on her Facebook page. The model attended modeling, and acting classes in middle school, which helped her with her self-esteem -- plus, the girls were lovely.

Her Instagram photos started becoming memes, and while some were meant to be hurtful, she began gaining followers. Jailyne had a million followers by the time she was 16.


The other thing that helped her get more followers was her starring in the video for Tus Lagrimas from Alberto Olivas. She also messaged more famous girls, asked them to help her, and even paid them to promote her.

The entrepreneur became very wealthy, enough to buy her parents a mansion. To do that, one of the other things she does is invest in real estate and flip houses -- so she's business savvy.

Jailyne Ojeda Is a Woman with Many Businesses

Aside from her TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube account, which makes her a lot of money, Jailyne Ojeda also has her clothing line. The line is called Snatched by Jailyne, and she worked on it for two years.


And that's not all that the young entrepreneur does. She likes to diversify, so she even has a shampoo line. Jailyne often shares posts on TikTok about her hair brand and recently showed her fans the lab where her products are made. Also, she revealed that her hair conditioner has also been launched.

Jailyne's Failed Plastic Surgery Led to Depression

The TikTok star posted another video on her channel in mid-2020 detailing her failed plastic surgery. Jailyne said in the footage she wanted surgery done on her nose because she constantly compared herself to other models and was always around famous people.

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She said she was constantly told by other influencers how they had had plastic surgery. It eventually made her feel pressured to have something done to her face. She also said she was getting lots of messages from girls who told her she should get some work done on her nose to make it perfect.


Jailyne went to a doctor; she was referred to get her nose done, but things didn't go as planned. While there, a girl came and complained that the doctor didn't do her nose correctly.

She said no proper exams or tests were done on her, but the doctor just wanted to do the surgery. There were numerous other red flags that Jailyne said she overlooked.

Eventually, her cheek became infected, and she experienced other issues after that surgery and started getting recurring hematomas. All these issues caused her to become depressed for six months and stay in her room constantly.

She always cried and didn't want to be seen by anyone because she felt she looked ugly. Jailyne said her little brother and family helped her escape her depression.


The influencer couldn't breathe for months because she didn't have a nostril. She also couldn't smile due to nerve damage. Jailyne said it took over six months for her to heal.

Does Jailyne Ojeda Have a Boyfriend?

Jailyne doesn't have a boyfriend. What she looks for in a partner is someone who's family-oriented, likes to travel, is not jealous or controlling, and is supportive. She said they must also be confident and loyal. Jailyne says it's hard for her to know who likes her, not just for clout.

After experiencing bullying and depression, Jailyne overcame her ordeals and is in a better place. TikTok Star Charli D'Amelio also shared her personal experience with an eating disorder on social media.


Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa – The Tiktok Star Who Got Depressed after Botched Surgery (2024)


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