Jessica Eisenhower, Project Lead working at Apple (2024)

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Email (work) ***********
LinkedIn URL senhsor
Tel. (Company) +1 704-972-XXXX
Company Apple
Residence United States, Texas, Round Rock
Last updated 2022-08-25
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Jessica is working at


Location United States , North Carolina, Huntersville
Company Size censo redcens
Employees 822998 profiles available
Last Updated 2024-06-12

Apple Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets mobile communication and media devices, and personal cocensored ce nsor edcen soredce nsoredc ensoredce nsoredcen soredcensore dce nsoredcenso redcens oredcen sor edcensoredcen sor edcenso redcen soredce n sore dc ensoredcenso redce n sore dc ensoredcensor edcensor edc enso r edce ns oredcen sor edcensor edcensor edcensored ce nsor ed cens oredce nsoredce nso redc ensoredce nsoredce ns ored censored censor edcens or edc ensor edce nsored censoredc en soredcen sor edcensore dc ensore dcens ore dc ensore dcen so redcenso redcens ore dcensore dcen soredcens or edce ns oredcen s oredc ensoredc ensor edcens oredce nsoredc ensoredce nsoredcens oredc ensoredcen sor edcenso re dcensored cen soredce nsored censoredc ensored censoredc ensor edce n soredcen soredce nsoredce nsore dc enso redcenso re dcensoredc ens ore dcensor edce ns oredce nsoredc ensored censored cen soredcens oredce nsoredc ensor edc ensore dce nsoredc ensored cen sored censor e dcensore dcensoredc ensored ce nsor ed censored censo redcensor edcensor edce nsored cen sored censoredcenso red censoredcen soredcensore dce nsoredc ensore dcensoredc ens oredc ens oredcenso redcensored cen soredcenso redcensored cen soredcenso redcensor edcensored ce nsore dce nsoredce nsoredc ensored cen soredcensore dcensor edc ensore dcenso red censor edc ens oredce ns ore dcenso redc ensore dce nsore dcenso red censore dcen sored cen soredcen soredce nso redcen sor edcens oredcen sor edcens oredc ensore dce nsoredcenso redcenso redcens oredcenso redcensoredc ensoredcen sor edcensored censo redc ens oredcen so redc ens or edcensoredcen so redcensore dcensoredce

Jessica Eisenhower, Project Lead working at Apple (1)

Project Managers oversee project development from initiation until closure using methods such as scheduling resources, tracking progress towards milestones ,and managing risks associated with each project .
Other job titles include Senior Project Leader or Delivery Lead .
Get Project Manager contacts to control costs, deliver results on time, and maximize value from projects.

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Jessica Eisenhower's current details

Current Title
Project Lead

Type of Role
Project Manager
just 0.7% from United States work as a Project Manager

Job functions

Job Seniority
Lower Management
13% from United States are employed in Lower Management

Current Industry
Informatics, Information Services and censoredcen soredcen soredcensor edc ensoredcensor edc ensoredcens oredcensor edcensore

United States, Texas, Round Rock

Experience (tracked since 2017)
c ensore experience at Apple
c ensore experience as Project Lead

Work-life tracked since 2017
Jessica Eisenhower had a total of X different roles since 2017

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Company "Apple"

Company name

Company size
censo redcens

Stock Symbol

Year Founded


Linkedin Profile lsor

Industrial Field
Consumer Electronics and Manufacturing

United States, North Carolina, Huntersville

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Jessica Eisenhower's Work History
data available since 2017

  • 2018 (6 months)
    United States
    Project Lead
    Informatics, Information Services and Technology

  • 20XX (3+ censo)
    Ecensore dcensoredce nsoredc ensoredcens oredcens oredcensored
    Ucenso redcen
    Ecen soredcens oredcen
    Icensoredcen soredcensor edcensor edc ensoredcen

  • 20XX (a fce nsored)
    Ucenso redcen
    Ecen soredcens oredcen s oredcens ore
    Icensoredcen soredcensor edcensor edc ensoredcen

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Frequently asked questions

What company does Jessica Eisenhower work for?
Jessica Eisenhower is working for Apple

What is Jessica Eisenhower's title at Apple?
Jessica's title is , Project Lead

What is Jessica Eisenhower's Seniority at Apple?
Jessica Eisenhower has been with Apple for 6 months and is in Lower Management

For how long is Jessica Eisenhower working as a Project Lead?
Jessica Eisenhower has 6 months experience as Project Lead.

What are Jessica Eisenhower's functions as a Project Lead ?
Jessica Eisenhower is responsible for Operacenso

What is Jessica Eisenhower's company phone number?
Jessica Eisenhower's company phone number is +1 704-972-****

What is Jessica Eisenhower's email contact?
Jessica Eisenhower's email address is ***********

Who are similar contacts like Jessica Eisenhower ?
Some similar contacts are Denise Felberg, Jason Lankford, Jaylin Johnson, Jacob Beyer, Pooja Desai and Ian Bruce.

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Jessica Eisenhower, Project Lead working at Apple (2024)


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