Skyrim: How to Get Malachite (2024)

In Skyrim, you can find many different resources, including ores. However, while some are quite common, some veins are very difficult to find. A good example is Malachite, which can be found in just a few places. Luckily, one of them is easily accessible. If you aren't sure where to find Malachite or how to use it, you can find that information below. Malachite appears as greenish ore or greenish ingots after being smelted. It is necessary for crafting and enhancing Glass equipment, which is suitable for players who prefer light armor.


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How to Get Malachite in Skyrim

Skyrim: How to Get Malachite (2)

As with most other ores in Skyrim, Malachite can be obtained in several ways. The first is, of course, a purchase. All you need to do is find a few Blacksmith merchants and give them your Gold. However, not all merchants sell the necessary ore.

In this case, you can move on to the second and least effective method, namely hunting. Some enemies in Skyrim, such as Ash Spawn, Gargoyles, Dwarven Spiders, or Falmer Skulkers, can drop Malachite Ore upon death. However, the drop chance is quite low, so we recommend using it only when you are exploring locations with these enemies.

Finally, the third and easiest way is manual mining. Malachite veins are found in only a few places in Skyrim. But one of them is in an easily accessible place. Just go south from Windhelm to Kynesgrove. Then head northeast along the path, and you will find a Steamscorch Mine.

Inside, you will find seven Malachite veins, which are also not guarded by enemies. Moreover, there are pickaxes scattered throughout the mine, so you don't have to look for tools to mine ore. Also, before entering the Steamscorch Mine, you will find some Malachite ores and Refined Malachite. However, they can only be stolen, and there are always guards wandering around, so be careful.

Alternatively, you can find Malachite veins in these locations:

  • On top of Throat of the World
  • Ruunvald Excavation
  • Glacial Cave
  • Dimhollow Cavern
  • Labyrinthian


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How to Make and Use Refined Malachite in Skyrim

Skyrim: How to Get Malachite (4)

Once you get your hands on Malachite Ore, all you have to do is take it to the nearest smelter. In exchange for two ores, you will receive one Refined Malachite. After that, all you have to do is unlock the Glass Smithing perk to craft Glass Armor:

  • Glass Helmet (Leather Strips, Leather, Refined Moonstone, and two Refined Malachite)
  • Glass Armor (Three Leather Strips, one Leather, two Refined Moonstone, and four Refined Malachite)
  • Glass Gauntlets (Two Leather Strips, Leather, Refined Moonstone, and Refined Malachite)
  • Glass Boots (Two Leather Strips, Leather, Refined Moonstone, and two Refined Malachite)
  • Glass Shield (Two Leather Strips, Refined Moonstone, and four Refined Malachite)

Also, the Glass Smithing perk gives you access to various Glass Weapons in Skyrim:

  • Glass Warhammer (Three Leather Strips, two Refined Moonstone, and three Refined Malachite)
  • Glass War Axe (Two Leather Strips, Refined Moonstone, and Refined Malachite)
  • Glass Sword (Leather Strips, Refined Moonstone, and Refined Malachite)
  • Glass Mace (Leather Strips, Refined Moonstone, and two Refined Malachite)
  • Glass Greatsword (Three Leather Strips, two Refined Moonstone, and two Refined Malachite)
  • Glass Dagger (Leather Strips, Refined Moonstone, and Refined Malachite)
  • Glass Battleaxe (Two Leather Strips, two Refined Moonstone, and two Refined Malachite)
  • Glass Bow (Refined Moonstone and two Refined Malachite)
  • 24 Glass Arrows (Firewood and Refined Malachite)

Skyrim: How to Make Refined Malachite

Skyrim: How to Get Malachite (5)

That's all you need to know about how to get and use Malachite in Skyrim. This resource is required for one of the best light armor sets. So if you prefer stealth, you will definitely want to mine and smelt this ore.

Skyrim: How to Get Malachite (6)
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November 11, 2011
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Skyrim: How to Get Malachite (2024)


Where is the best source of malachite in Skyrim? ›

  • 7 veins in Steamscorch Mine, directly Northeast of Kynesgrove. ...
  • 7 ores in Labyrinthian.
  • 2 veins, along with 2 Ebony Ore veins and the Notched Pickaxe, at the top of the Throat of the World. ...
  • 1 ore found on a shelf in the Wreck of the Brinehammer (Brinehammer Below Deck).
  • Random drop from Falmer Skulkers.

How do you refine malachite in Skyrim? ›

Smelting. Two Malachite Ore can be smelted into one refined malachite at a smelter. Along with smelting, they can be bought from general goods merchants and blacksmiths. Furthermore, they can be found on enemies as loot.

How do you mine malachite? ›

Mining for malachite for ornamental or copper ore purposes involves open-pit mining or underground mining depending on the grade of the ore deposits.

What is the easiest way to get malachite? ›

Malachite is found on the icy mountains in the Frostlands. As you're exploring the Frostlands, you will notice pillars and platforms on the mountain that are made of solid ice. That is where you will find your Malachite.

Where is malachite most commonly found? ›

Malachite occurs worldwide including Congo, Gabon, Zambia, Namibia, Mexico, Australia, and with the largest deposit/mine in the Urals region, Russia. Malachite has been suitable for mineral pigment in green paints since antiquity, decorative vase, ornamental stone, and gemstone.

Why can't you touch raw malachite? ›

Raw malachite is toxic

As malachite is copper ore long-term exposure can cause severe adverse effects from copper poisoning. This means that inhaling or ingesting malachite dust can be dangerous, so raw malachite should be treated with care and stored properly.

How rare is malachite? ›

Primary malachite crystals are actually quite rare in nature. Most large malachite crystals that you see are actually the product of a replacement (pseudomorph) after pre-existing azurite crystals, and show off the azurite crystal habit, but in green.

How do you make malachite? ›

Malachite is synthesized according to the reaction in which hydrated copper(II) sulfate reacts with aqueous sodium carbonate to produce copper(II) carbonate hydroxide.

Where is malachite mines? ›

Plenty of Malachite

The vast Copper Basin of Central Africa that runs from Zambia to the Democratic Republic of the Congo is literally disgorging tons and tons of this gorgeous copper mineral. There are dozens of mines producing copper minerals today, much of it malachite.

What does malachite do in Skyrim? ›

Malachite is a rare, semi-translucent green volcanic crystal. It is used to create high-quality glass weapons and light armor.

Do ore veins replenish in Skyrim? ›

Ore veins will resupply after you deplete them, after a month has elasped in the game. The highest concentration of ore veins will be in -- you guessed it -- mines, which are labeled with a crossed pickaxe and hammer icon on your compass.

Where is the best place to keep malachite? ›

To keep safe, malachite should be kept within your home. We advise you to keep a malachite stone close to the front door to make sure that no bad energy enters your safe haven.

What is the best source of gems in Skyrim? ›

The most dependable way for finding gems is the "Prowler's Profit" active effect. By acquiring this effect looting a few chests will give a lot of rare and flawless gems. To get the effect the quest of Stones of Barenziah must be completed. Normally clearing out Tombs, Nordic and Dwemer Ruins will give some rare gems.

Where can I find malachite Sylva? ›

Malachite appears as tall, chunky fragments of brown-green crystalline formations. It can be found on the planet “Sylvia” deep within mushroom-shaped caves, high up in mountains, and on “Desolo” exclusively within caves.


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